Dion Skovgaard Jensen is a danish half God who one day found out how much fun it is to throw around other people. Since that day he just can’t stop anymore and wherever he goes you can see people flying through the air. Verena is a german dryad who loves to fly and be tossed through the air. For this convention they team up to reveal you the secrets behind their superpowers and how to enjoy long-distance flights.



So happy that we can anounce our dear friend and amazing teacher Lucie Beyer.

Based near Munich, Lucie is teaching Workshops, Trainings and Retreats.
As an international Yoga- & AcroYoga teacher as well as a mentor and passionate bodyworker, she works with a playful approach which is at the same time deeply rooted in the ancient wisdom of the traditions.
Her work is based on the appreciation for a healthful, trusting togetherness everyone can develop their own potential from.
“I love to create a magic space, where people come together to celebrate life and honor the beauty in all its abundant ways. The awareness of us being all one is more important than ever.”
Lucie is amongst other things co-organizing the German AcroYoga Festival “German Kula Celebration”.
Since January 2019 Lucie runs her own Yoga Studio: “Freiraum” in Pfronten with great joy.
With hand to hand & heart to heart ♡


After years of martial arts and tumbling Uwe’s career in partner acrobatics started about 6 years ago. He spends most of his time training handstands and acro, playing, teaching and developing circus shows with his crew at home and on festivals abroad. His skills were shaped by the Pitch Catch Circus programme, Partner Acrobatics and various workshops and trainings. Coming from a technical background, with a master in philosophy and a professional Shiatsu-degree he has a sharp mind for analyzing moves and teaching them to others. Being in contact and working with other human beings keeps him drawn to the acro practise. Uwe is versatile basing and flying in L-base as well as standing acro, his favourites being Icarian pops, all kinds of hand-to-hand tricks and washing machines. He has been practising and teaching these skills for years to his community in Austria as well as on international events.


Marie-therese Pallis and Kasper Moritz Nielsen are an acroyoga couple with a passion for technical details and exploring the limits of stability. Their approach to teaching goes through carefully planned progressions, breaking down the material to manageable sizes. Furthermore, through discussing core concepts, they invite the students to develop their understanding through reflection. They love to give the acro a scent of dancing through leading and following, or playing around with limitations to discover challenging balances and transitions.


AcroCouple sLOVEnia

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