Acro teachers in Slovenia decided to join our forces for at least one weekend in a year and organize Akro festival.
Tanja in Aleš
Eva Brovinsky
Leteča Joga

Special guest 2016

Ellio Blox has nourished a lifelong fascination for peering over edges and discovering footholds in the unlikeliest of places. A full time world-traveling teacher with his company Blox Acrobatics, his passion peaks when he is in front of students. Offering quality instruction on a deep bag of tricks, Blox teaches solo and alongside other teaching peers. Since 2012, he has performed partner acrobatics across North America with his performing arts and production company, Acrodisiac. With many years of hand balancing and acrobatic study, a teaching certification from Partner Acrobatics, and a lifetime of monkeying around, Blox is a powerful resource for acrobatic advancement and personal growth.

Special guests 2015

Emily Baxter is one of the founders of, she is a traveling acrobat, yoga and acroyoga teacher, known for her never-ending energy and her contagious enthusiasm, along with acroyoga superpowers. Emily has always had a passion for movement and body awareness. This coupled with her strong background in anatomy manifests in her teachings as clear, precise, thoughtful instructio

Martin Kvist is a very experienced teacher of gymnastics, acrobatics and other fields of movement mastery.Besides throwing people in the air and flying hand to hand, Martin has a passion for neuroscience and human performance, he is currently studying a masters degree in sports science, conducting research into how the body or especially the brain and nervous system adapts to balance oriented training like acrobatics.